Chazore the Bringer of Flames

The chief dragon from the port city of Colledge


No official stats but here you go (as of 11/12/09) HP:253 AC:25 STR:15 CON:14 DEX:15 INT:20 WIS:20 CHA:15 Weapons: Longsword (1d8), 2x Handaxes (2d6) Abilities: Dragonbreath (Fire, 2d10 [is special character], +5 damage for 3 turns after use)


Not much is known of Chazore except that he is leader of the Colledge Dragonborn Tribe. Everyone in town calls him The Chief. He also has a way of referring to himself in a third person. His ultimate goal is to build a unified nation where anyone from any race can live in.

Chazore the Bringer of Flames

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