A very questionable game

First week (really around 6th week or so but this is late)

Well this is the first real post to what’s been happening this week. (I know the game has been going for a while now but this is the first time I actually post anything to show exactly what’s been happening)

-In the basement of the mansion, the party first encountered a skeleton that reanimated off of the floor. In no time at all he was defeated after a critical attack. The party then decided to go upstairs and ih3. Your title here…nto the entrance hall. There was crow’s all around what was seemingly fresh meat. To avoid a disturbance the party entered the kitchen. Inside of the kitchen was a very old and dirty male butler whom was muttering to himself. One of the members decided to summon a Succubus to eat the man’s soul.

-The party then proceeded to the upstairs master bedroom, where they found a sleeping princess. In reality the princess was nothing but a Lich in disguise and had used the Mansion as a hideout to plot her next attack on the city of Colledge. The party defeated the Lich in record time.

-When the Lich was defeated, her army of the undead appeared and chased the party around the Mansion until they cornered them on the roof. The Skeleton General and his Vice Captain thought that they had the party cornered. Little did they know that the party was just warming up. The party defeated the small army and took care of both the General and the Vice Captain.

-The party returned to the city of Colledge to pick up their reward to the quest. Finally the group had time to sleep. Or not…

-In the middle of the night, rebel Dragonborn forces attacked the Inn/Pub the party was resting at and assassinated the Pub owner (for what seems like the 4th time in the game). Paco went outside and sprinted toward the local Dragonborn tribe to fetch help. Just as the rebels had thought they won, Chazore the Bringer of Flames and his group stormed into the Pub and put an end to the rebels terrors. He sent the survivors a message that will follow them forever, “If you want to live, I suggest you get the hell out of my town.”

-The next day, Chazore decided to give the party a token of gratitude for killing the Lich from the previous night and fighting the Rebels at the pub.

To be continued…

Starting Post

Hi and welcome to my very first D&D campaign post.

I would like to begin by saying that for anyone that’s reading this and is interested in playing, please don’t call me. This is not a game that I will allow anyone to play. If anything this is just a wiki to keep track of what is happening in-game for my friends and I.

For those whom are currently playing the game, this is a wiki to allow you to remember just what we did last week or weeks before. I know this is kind of late but it’s better now than never.

Remember you can contact me at portalgamer19@yahoo.com

-Diego (DM/Volek/Elanora)


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